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123 HP Technical Support ojj4524 printer

123 HP Officejet j4524 printers are evolving in this era to comfort the users’ in spite of their busy schedules.

  • These Officejet j4524 features enhance their competency like other HP Printer devices.
  • It is a must for you to proceed from unbox to setup to generate the printouts from printer device.
  • Before severing the external flaps, go through the guide to know the existing features about a printer.
  • 123 HP Officejet Printers offers a wide range that covers the major functions under All-in-one-Printer.

123 HP Officejet j4524 Driver Download

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123 HP Officejet j4524 Wireless Printer Setup

Setup Your Wireless Printer

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123 HP Officejet j4524 Printer Setup

The setups and the connections are done and linked for j4524 printer are mandatory for continuous flow of printing works from the printers.

123 HP Officejet j4524 Unboxing Printer

  • As you already know, to begin your works on hp ojj4524 printer, there are some criteria’s to be followed. First one is unpacking.
  • Unpacking should be smooth and gentle. Avoid using some sharp objects while removing the printer from the printer box
  • After removal of the device from the box, choose a flat surface and get it fixed near to your desktop and electric socket to maintain the stable flow of electricity.

Connect HP ojj4524 Printer to the Electric Socket:

  • Power cord connection is must for all electronic printers. For that, the cable should be of minimum length. Plug the cable into the respective slot.
  • Connect another end into the electric outlet in the wall. After the fine power cord connection, confirm that the cable connection is free from barriers
  • After checking the cord connection, switch ON the printer to check whether the connection is correct to the device or not

Load Papers onto ojj4524 Tray

  • After the installation and other power cord connection, arrange a stack of papers and get it loaded into the tray.
  • Make sure that the papers are of the same size and don’t mix the paper with other types. It is equally important to check the tray well before loading the papers
  • Arrange the sheets of papers and get them loaded properly into the main input tray of 123hp ojj4524 printer device. After loading, adjust the sides for proper alignment.

Excellent technical support and guidance

We stretch our technical support for all types of HP printers setup and installation with genuine steps.

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123 HP Technical Support

123 HP Officejet j4524 Ink Cartridge Installation

123 HP Officejet j4524 printer assists in printing the necessary documents or photos from the device. These ink cartridges must be installed genuinely:

  • Before installing the ink cartridges setup your j4524 and open the external door of the device. Check the surface once.
  • After you purge the wrappers and coverings, take off the orange cap by twisting it. Get it ready for the installation.
  • Now, bend the tab found on the sides of the ink cartridge to a predefined limit and also note that you can’t extend more than that.
  • Now, insert every available ink cartridges in its pertinent slot by getting the cartridges matched in exact colour slots.
  • Inspect the cartridge Slots
  • Hold the cartridge well
  • Ink Cartridge Installation
  • Shut the exterior door ink cartridge install Support and Services

In case of any issues or negligence on HP Printers, we’re here to assist you with the latest technologies to get rid of the printer issues instantly. Moreover, our technical team surely solve the issues by their diligent efforts.

Printer Setup

Printer Setup is initial setup to render printouts; HP printer setup is the basic foundation of printer. After the first time printer setup, enjoy printing on the go.

Driver Install

Before installing the driver, choose the compatible printer driver software either from the HP site or from CD/DVD. This download and installation comforts you with a lot of features.

Network Setup

123 HP printers adhere to any kind of network connection despite the poor signal. Follow the illustrations to cope with complete network setup for 123 hp printer network connection for quick printing.

Connectivity Setup

123 HP Printer software installed on your printer is useful in many ways, out of which, the printer’s tasks and jobs get organized to in an efficient manner with manageable printouts.

Mobile Print Setup

Wireless mobile printings render the comfort of printing from a place where they have been seated. It totally saves your time and energy, all-in-one printer wireless setup.


The issues that creep on your electronic device is due to some unknown factors. All these issues can be diminished from your printers so that you again feel happy while working on printers.

How to Setup 123 hp Printer?

The basic function of the printer can be extended only by linking the required devices to the active network. The setup can be categorized individually on Windows and Mac. Follow the guidelines to meet the terms and conditions in case of 123 HP Printer connection.

How to Connect hp Printer to Windows?

  • It is must for you to check the status of the device. Depending upon it,  turn OFF or ON your printer.
  • Direct power cord connection to the printer is good. So, don’t collapse the connection to windows.
  • Coming to the printer, remove the plasters and discard it. By using the cable, secure the device connection.
  • Go to, download and install the full feature of the 123 HP Printer driver on windows.
  • Finally, load papers on the tray and continue to take printouts from ojj4524 Printer device.

How to Connect hp Printer to Mac?

  • In order to connect your Printer to Mac, check and verify the Mac OS X version.
  • Get the required devices in a line to connect your printer to the Mac device and continue further.
  • Set the preferences required for it and jump to the 123 HP Printer driver download and install on Mac.
  • The next step is to authenticate the devices with a necessary password when it prompts you to do so.
  • In the end, you will note that Mac computer gets connected to the 123 HP Officejet j4524 Printer automatically. driver setup install support

Who we are?

There may be times when you find it hard to find a way to get done with the initial setups and connections without a proper guidance. You may even find some issues rising up that lower your printer performance thereby lagging the user’s work. All these problems and issues that crop up on your printer get resolved by the proper support. On solving the problems, your printer will gain normalcy as in the earlier stage. Officejet j4524 Platforms

1. Windows

123 HP Officejet j4524 printers can be connected to a Windows computer can work and support well for the all tasks that are submitted by the users.

2. Mac

The similar support is provided for Mac support as well that engages the user to print documents from iOS device.

3. SmartPhone

123 hp ojj4524 printers can be accessed easily in hand. Since this generation is very competitive through handy devices via android.

123 HP Officejet j4524 Driver Download

Driver Installation is must because it enforces your hardware and software through an interface. For this, verify the compatibility of OS and continue to the steps for an effective download and installation of hp Printer ojj4524 driver.

123 HP Officejet j4524 Driver Download for Window

  • To initiate the driver installation on windows, check the running OS and go through the below instructions for the successful driver download.
  • Click on Windows on your computer and locate to the site of HP. From there, select the latest HP Printer driver.
  • Choose the driver as applicable to your model. Set the predefined properties to begin your installation.
  • Download the latest software and run it on a system to get it installed. The USB cable is also required to start the driver installation.
  • When it prompts you to choose the connection type for your 123 HP Officejet j4524 printer, select it and continue to the steps.
  • Extend the cable for your printer and the Windows computer as soon as it prompts.
  • Now, verify whether’setup j4524 printer is listed on the Devices and Printers list on your Windows computer.

123 HP Officejet j4524 Driver Download for Mac

  • At first, verify 123 hp printer setup and compatibility of Mac OS. Check the cable connection for 123 hp printer device.
  • Open the official site and start searching for the latest printer driver from the list of drivers to compete with a driver installation.
  • The website will load with the list of 123 hp driver software obtainable on the web that holds diverse features.
  • When the browser indicates on the download completion of the software package, open the downloaded file added extras on each software package.
  • When it prompts to select the connection type for your j4524 printer, choose the required one.
  • After some time, go and check if 123 HP Officejet j4524 printer is added on to the devices list of the Mac computer.
  • After the successful 123 hp driver installation, load papers and edit printer properties to cherish the quality printing works.
123 HP Officejet j4524 Mobile Printing Application

HP Officejet offers many privileges in using 123 HP Officejet j4524 printers where you can use it from a mobile device that lets you to operate on printer even from the remote place to complete the desired tasks and jobs.

Airprint Setup

The main aim of Airprint setup is to focus on Apple devices that enhance the quality of printing works on iOS Assistance.

iOS/Apple latest OS

ePrint Setup

ePrint is the latest feature on a trend that comforts the distant printing works via a 123 hp wireless network in form of email services.

Far printing works

Mopria Print Setup

Mopria print is a printing solution that helps the users to print documents or files from smart mobiles via wireless network services.

Smart Mobile Features

123 HP Officejet j4524 Wireless Setup

The functionalities of the printer gets overridden only when linking the devices to a wireless network connection. This is an alternate for a wired connection. By connecting the device to the wireless network, the printer features gets expanded that in turn make the device more exploitable.

123 HP Officejet j4524 Wireless Setup for Window

  • First, turn on setup printer and check the network connection. Confirm the setup and continue to the next level.
  • Get your windows and router in close. Locate to the control panel of the device. Press the wireless button.
  • From the list of options, open Wireless Setup Wizard that would display the list of wireless networks available on the pane.
  • Next, choose the printer and confirm the network connection for your ojj4524 wireless printer and the computer.
  • If the panel prompts you to ensure authentication and confirmation, give your approval to it by providing the password of the network manually.
  • If in case, your network name is enumerated on the list, choose the option Enter New Network Name and authenticate it.

123 HP Officejet j4524 Wireless Setup for Mac

  • Check and verify your 123 HP Officejet j4524 printer setup. Continue to the below steps to cope with the wireless network.
  • Power ON your devices and enter details to authenticate and secure the device with a strong wireless network connection.
  • Go to the Wireless Setup Wizard which displays the list of all the wireless networks in the printer’s access vicinity.
  • From the displayed list, decide and choose one of the wireless networks for your j4524 printer to the active network.
  • If your network name is not displayed on the list, choose the option Enter New Network Name.
  • The setup of the wireless network between 123 HP Officejet j4524 printer and the Mac computer, the status indicator will glow.

Excellent technical support and guidance

We stretch our technical support for all types of HP printers setup and installation with genuine steps.

Call Us Toll Free @ 1 866 268 8890

123 HP Technical Support

123 HP Officejet j4524 Troubleshooting

When you buy any electronic devices like 123hp setup printers, it may lead to any misconnections or some connectivity problems in regard to a network. All these problems might deter the normal function of the printer.

123 HP Officejet j4524 USB Scanner Connection Error

  • First, turn off your 123 HP Officejet j4524 printer and the computer to which the printer is connected to.
  • If the printer is allied to the computer by means of USB cable, check if the connections are appropriately made and remove the connection from the ports.
  • Try to uninstall the old driver software on your computer and then installed the new rationalized driver software from j4524 printer.
  • After the basic things are made, check the printer setup again. If it works good, the problem subject to it has been rectified.

Check Toner Level in ojj4524 Printer

  • Power OFF your ojj4524 printer and other devices. After that, target the cartridge access door.
  • If you’re a windows user, select the printer name of yours from the list of printers in the Windows option.
  • If you’re using a Mac computer, click the System Preferences from the Apple icon on the menu bar on the Mac computer.
  • To continue further, click the Printers and Scanners option or the Print and Scan. Attempt to make a test scan or copy from it

Slow Printing Issues on HP ojj4524 Printer

  • As an initial step, turn off the printer device and detach the cables from the ends of the device. Wait for a minute.
  • Wait until the printer sets in an idle state. Look at the printer preferences and edit it according to the requirements.
  • Change the paper type to a convenient option and confirm the OK button at last to rectify this issue.
  • If the printer firmware has expired, uninstall the already installed software and then download the newest software.

Colored Ink is Not Printing on ojj4524 Printer

  • First of all, check if the ink cartridges used in printer is genuine and its quality is at its best by checking the toner levels.
  • If you find that the ink in a particular cartridge is low or empty, it means that it needs replacement in form of new or half filled
  • For this, open the carriage and release open the old cartridge and clean the slots by making use of lint-free cloth.
  • Make sure that you align the print page to the engraved edges and the page sets exactly where it does.
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